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Inform to Transform: The Incredible Power of Data Findability

The amount of data generated, gathered, copied, and consumed is projected to be 180 zettabytes by 2025. In a world drowning in data, knowledge you can’t find isn’t POWER… it’s a problem.

In an increasingly digital landscape, having available data is not an issue for organizations wishing to continue their digital transformation journey. There are loads of reference materials and publicly available analyses, servers full of internally-created content, and hard drives packed with emails, meeting notes, proprietary file formats, and well-done work that could be used to great effect… If only people could find it.

What if connection – of people, teams, and YES, data sources – could trump the endless cycle of DX tool adoption and retirement in the pursuit of findability? Join us for a discussion to explore the trends, stats, and relationships we currently have for data consumption in a rapidly changing world of work, share top-of-mind strategies from leading companies, and answer questions, including:

  • Why is finding data the new frontier?
  • What makes a DX initiative succeed or fail (and what do we need to do before, during, and after to ensure success)?
  • Do you have any examples of failed DX initiatives to share? Those are always fun.
  • How will things like conversational search (ChatGPT), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning work together to bring relevant information to employees faster?
  • Yeah, 180 Zettabytes SOUNDS like a lot, but can you explain it to me in “distance to the moon” or something?