Sinequa at ISACA Europe

The conference featured topics for business technology professionals navigating the transformational roles they play in their organizations. With a focus on IT audit, IT governance and COBIT, CMMI, security/cybersecurity, privacy, risk, performance improvement, emerging technologies, and leadership development.

Threats and risk shift, regulations evolve, and sources change. It’s hard to keep up. But with Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform, you can automate how you ingest and understand content. The software handles data from any source, format, or language. Using Sinequa as a tool, investigators can surface patterns and present information tailored to investigator needs.

Watch our Product Showcase session on Accelerating Data Investigations With Sinequa’s Intelligent Enterprise Search Platform (15min) and explore Sinequa’s investigation capabilities.

You will learn why this software makes collaboration easier, boosts efficiency, and reinforces compliance across industries and use cases, including:

  • Government investigators who surface patterns of suspicious or illegal behavior.
  • Financial regulators, detect if a regulated entity needs more supervision.
  • Auditors, who work to reduce risks while increasing productivity.