Each year, knowledge-intensive companies lose roughly 600 hours of productivity per employee for one reason: increasing volumes of information housed across disjointed systems. Because of this, the average knowledge worker spends 30% of each workday looking for information they need.

Cutting-edge AI advancements are not only removing these efficiency barriers but also revitalizing knowledge management across mission-driven, high-impact organizations. As leading industry analysts assert, AI is not only the future of knowledge management—it also has the power to unlock unprecedented gains in collaboration and innovation.

In this video, we explore:

  • GenAI risks, myths, and must-haves for the enterprise
  • How to leverage AI in the workplace to solve top KM challenges
  • AI adoption trends across the enterprise and the importance of human-centricity
  • How industry-leading companies are using AI and seeing results
  • What the future holds for companies that adopt AI as a knowledge management tool–and what it will look like for those that don’t