Knowledge isn’t power when you can’t find it. Access APQC and Sinequa’s latest global market research

Organizations’ search problems intensified in 2020. Remote work put more strain on the technologies that connect employees to information, knowledge, and one another. Many newly remote workers scrambled to find important documents stowed away on personal desktops, on-premise servers, and dusty corners of the company intranet. At the same time, a flurry of emails and messages made the enterprise information landscape even more complex and harder to navigate.

APQC partnered with Sinequa, a leader in Intelligent Search, to survey more than 200 high-level knowledge management (KM) and IT leaders (director level and above) in large organizations (those with 10,000 or more employees) across North America and Europe. We specifically targeted people with a deep understanding of the current state of search inside their organizations and who were either responsible for or key stakeholders in knowledge and information management strategy.

Our research goals were to assess:

  • current business priorities for information management,
  • the solutions in place and under development, and
  • how organizations define success for search and findability.

This paper outlines the major trends we see in terms of how organizations think about search, the investments they’re making, and the results they are seeing and expect to see.