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Investigation Intelligence: How to Uncover Who’s Hiding in the Noise

Posted by Charlotte Foglia

investigation intelligence

For today’s investigators, data is both the answer and the problem. There’s more of it than ever to help identify a threat or solve a crime, but there’s simply too much of it for humans to sift through.

Today’s tools only work for investigations with predictable paths, where simple if-then rules suffice. But increasingly complex investigations twist and turn on the path to the truth. This requires (much) more intelligent solutions.

You can’t find what you can’t see

90% of the information around us is unstructured.

90% of the information relevant to investigations hides in unstructured sources , such as documents, emails, and chat messages. Yet the common audit and investigative tools only handle structured information. Investigators try to fill the gap with manual effort, wasting up to 10 hours per week hunting for clues.

The risks of hidden information include:

  • Longer case handling time
  • Missed clues
  • Continued threat from bad actors
  • Missed opportunities

Uncover who and what is hiding in the noise

Sinequa’s Investigation Intelligence helps investigators find the signals in the masses of noisy unstructured data and content. With a complete picture of the data universe, AI and machine learning then speed up the process of spotting signals within the data. This allows investigators to spend less time gathering and analyzing data, and more time identifying the potential threat, crime, or opportunity.

investigation intelligence

Investigation Intelligence Benefits

  • Scale: Our platform is built to handle huge data volumes in any format (structured and unstructured)
  • Speed: Answers to queries are delivered instantly to reduce the overall case handling time.
  • Customization: Configure the platform to the industry and role. The interface for an insurance investigator will look different than for a compliance analyst. You can optimize the experience for each user.
  • Analytics: AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine learning collect insight from unstructured content, connect disparate data points, surface relationships, and uncover criminal activity. This frees investigators to apply their expertise and judgment.
  • Relevance: Each user receives answers relevant to them. As the user continues to search, the AI continues to learn and deepen the relevance.
  • Trust: Sinequa works with the world’s most complex organizations, where secrets must stay secret.

How it works:

  • Index: Our 200+ connectors and 350+ content converters connect to data sources regardless of location, language, and format.
  • Understand: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in 20+ languages processes and pulls meaning from vast volumes of documents and text.
  • Learn: The more data Sinequa ingests, the more this enterprise search platform learns and improves. You can train models and apply at scale to automate the classification of data, such as sensitive data.
  • Present: Visualize information in the way the user prefers.

Who it works for

Investigation intelligence

Solve for investigation intelligence and much more.

Sinequa easily ingests new content so you can extend the platform to multiple roles and use cases. You can build search-based applications to increase ROI even more. You can start with Investigation Intelligence. Expand to Expert Finder or Sensitive Data Discovery . And you can generate 360° Views of whatever you investigate – whether financial crimes, regulatory breaches, or corporate risks.

Expand to Expert Finder or Sensitive Data Discovery . And you can generate 360° Views of whatever you investigate – whether financial crimes, regulatory breaches, or corporate risks.

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