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Why an Insight Engine Is the Secret Weapon of Your Digital Transformation?

Posted by Charlotte Foglia

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Most of the world’s content is not on Google: Some 80% of it is housed behind firewalls at the world’s companies and organizations. Every day, your employees are generating new project ideas, performing R&D, executing financial transactions, serving customers, generating data in business applications and databases, and much, much more – structured data that may or may not be available for search, given its format or where it is stored.

However, your organization is also producing a wealth of information such as emails and text files, social media, and log data – unstructured data that may be captured by content management systems but has weak search capabilities.

In addition, your employees may need to search multiple applications for the answers to their questions, slowing their path to progress and increasing the possibility of error. You know that if you could just integrate and understand this content, you could better anticipate and plan for market change. You could also use these insights to drive digital transformation efforts and streamline operations, fueling business growth.

Between 60% to 73% of corporate content is never analyzed for insights or larger trends. Globally, the opportunity cost of this unused data is $3.3T. Source: VentureBeat.

Why Your Organization Needs an Insight Engine to Surface and Make Sense of Your Content?

It’s clear that your organization struggles to access the full wealth of your content and transform it into something that is accessible and usable by your employees. At the same time, enterprise content is growing fast, meaning that these challenges are worsening all the time.

While many organizations are embarking on complex and costly data strategy projects to develop analytics for digital transformation, there is a faster way to accomplish your goals – implement an insight engine. After all, why tackle a difficult project that will take months and heavy lifting from data scientists, when a partner is willing to tackle the hard work for you right now.

Challenges Organizations Face Implementing Big Data Analytics

Challenges Organizations Face Implementing Big Data Analytics

Source: Statista 2020.

Think of an insight engine as your organization’s customized version of Google. We all love the ease of use, up-to-the-second intelligence, and vast scope of Google. It enables us to find what we’re looking for so simply and easily. With an insight engine, you gain those same qualities for your organization, transforming enterprise search into a simple, meaningful activity that can help your employees become more creative and innovative each time they use your platform.

You could spend minutes or hours searching for information you need and try to integrate it and understand it by yourself, knowing that the content you access may be incomplete, incorrect, or out-of-date. Or you can use an advanced search engine that finds the right information for you, surfacing highly relevant results for you as you search.

Sinequa uses 200 out-of-the box connectors and built-in converters to access, enrich and unify content from more than 350 document formats and make it available for search via a single index.

Next, Sinequa applies natural language processing (NLP) to give the text meaning that’s way beyond simple keyword searching, making it infinitely more usable by you and your employees. Imagine developing a business strategy and being able to access all relevant historical and current performance data, market trends, vendor and competitor information, and more all at once.

You can use this data to create a document that’s a powerful predictor of where you’re headed – one that gets immediate buy-in from your leaders and sets the right course for your organization.

Want to make your organization even more intelligent? Use Sinequa’s machine learning (ML) algorithms to simplify and speed up your analytics projects.

Use new insights to make decisions and place market bets before your competitors can. Gain speed to market in data-driven industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, counter-terrorism, and national security, where time is often a critical source of advantage. Rest assured that ML is making your content smarter all the time, allowing you to gain the insights you need to outpace competitors or adversaries.

Have a need for industry- or application-based search? You can build your own custom search application on top of the Sinequa Insight Engine to help staff complete critical or complex tasks specific to their role and business function. Let’s explore that further.

How AI-Powered Search Enhances Digital Transformation?

Organizations can use intelligent search to make faster gains across business-critical and digital transformation initiatives such as:

  • Developing a 360-degree customer view: You want to create a comprehensive view of your customer relationships, their needs, and buying patterns to drive marketing and sales, product development, and customer service. Imagine being able to integrate customer interactions, web searches, transactions, social posts, and more, using that data to deepen relationships, drive revenues, and increase your profitability.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance: If your organization operates in multiple geographies, you need to comply with all national and local regulations. Sinequa can simplify this process. As an example, Sinequa’s cognitive search engine can detect and automate the classification of data such as more than 30 different types of personally identifiable information (PII) covered by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Improving customer service: Customer service interactions can often make or break a relationship with long call hold times, frequent call transfers, and incorrect data. Instead, your organization can use its own business search engine to provide personalized and highly relevant information that helps ensure an exceptional experience. A $717B finance company that struggled with customer complaints and IT-related data challenges used Sinequa to enable self-service, identify experts, and surface insights, saving $4.6M in operational costs and $16.8M in staffing costs.
  • Conducting R&D: Many companies rely on R&D to develop innovative new products and need to integrate and synthesize multiple data sources to focus their efforts. A $7B biotech leader uses the Sinequa platform to find internal experts and promising new molecules to speed drug development. The organization has increased data findability and accuracy by 9X, which will reduce drug development timeframes by 300 days, increasing potential revenue by up to $102M.

Enterprise search could help your organization tap its full breadth of insights, connect internal experts to problem-solve and innovate, streamline compliance, and deliver exceptional customer service. And that is just for starters. The list of potential use cases is as unique as every organization and its business challenges.