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Sinequa’s Manufacturing Executive Summit - Live

Agenda At A Glance:
  • 9:00am ET: Introduction by Jean Ferré, Co-CEO, Sinequa
  • 9:05am ET: Analyst Keynote: “Extracting Insight from the Digital Thread: AI-Related Trends & Enablers” – Peter Bilello, President & CEO, CIMData
  • 9:30am ET: The Cognitive Digital Thread: “Where Industrial Data and AI Meet!” –  Jeff Evernham, VP of Strategy and Solutions, Sinequa
  • 10:00am ET: Product Demonstration: “Searching Across the Digital Thread Combining Search/RAG + GenAI” – Sommy Boucansaud, VP of Customer Solutions, Sinequa
  • 10:20am ET: Customer Testimonial: “JAFAR (Jenerative AI for Return of Experience) – a new search application helping employees easily and quickly find relevant information in knowledge availability ROE databases.” – TotalEnergies
  • 10:40am ET: Advancing AI Assistants: “Sinequa’s Product Roadmap” – Jeff Evernham, VP of Strategy and Solutions, Sinequa
  • 11:00am ET: Wrap-Up – Sinequa

Meet the Speakers

Peter Bilello
President & CEO
Marie Bonnasse-Gahot
Product Owner for MILAa/JAFAR
Pierre Jallais
Smart Search Engine and Gen AI Lead Architect
Jean Ferré
Jean Ferré
Jeff Evernham
VP of Strategy and Solutions
Sommy Boucansaud
VP of Customer Solutions