Why search for experts?

Searching for experts is important in many different business contexts. Think of assembling teams to develop new pharmaceutical drugs. Or staffing new customer projects at a large manufacturing company, business consultancy, or an IT service provider. Experience has shown that HR files or enterprise social networks are not enough, and metadata like ‘Authors’ rarely provide sufficient information. You need to discover experts from the traces they leave in digital content, from project reports to scientific publications, design documents, maintenance manuals, and email. This is where Sinequa comes in.

Leveraging Cognitive Search & Analytics to amplify R&D expertise.

Rapid retrieval of relevant Information makes the difference. Finding experts on a given subject is critical in many industries. You need experts to cover different aspects of a piece of technology.

3 Reasons to choose Sinequa for Expert Search.

Finding experts from the traces they leave in digital content requires deep analytical capabilities. Natural language processing is key, and it needs to cope with market and company specific terminologies. This is where Sinequa excels.
Does your business require finding groups of experts rather than THE expert? We’ve helped customers build teams for key efforts where expertise and speed are critical.
Do you have your own taxonomies, ontologies, acronyms, etc.? Many of our customers do, and Sinequa provides easy integration for them so you can find experts on any highly technical subject.

Let’s talk about results

Set up expert teams fast.

Responding to time-critical RFPs you need to know quickly whether you have the necessary expertise in house. Without rapid expert search, some companies have to decline RFPs - business disaster.

Real-time view of experts.

Finding experts is most often time-critical. You must immediately see whether you have experts on a given subject, where they work and whether you can use their expertise in your project. Lose time - fail your project and your objectives.

Mapping teams of experts.

Graphs of expert networks let you see at a glance whether you have several teams without connections working on the same subject. Start saving millions within seconds.

What our customers say.

"Our law firm has built a system leveraging Sinequa’s Search & Analytics platform to get insight about our experience from millions of records and documents including attorney biographies, subject matter summaries, time notes/billable hours and more. We are excited about this new version with Machine Learning based on Spark and look forward to the added value it can provide to us."

Harris Tilevitz, CTO at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Skadden logo

Identify experts by data analysis rather than self-declaration.

Relying on declarative data when searching for experts (CVs, HR data, enterprise social networks) usually means relying on inaccurate data. Finding experts from the traces they leave in digital content requires strong analytics, in particular NLP. This is Sinequa’s core strength.

Natural language processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP).

People's expertise can be gleaned from their writing (project reports, scientific publications) and from their communication with others (e.g. email). It requires advanced natural language processing in often very technical and scientific text, written in different languages. With 25 years of AI research, rich semantic analysis, and native NLP in 20+ languages, we excel at this level of analysis.

Plotting networks of connected experts

Plotting networks of connected experts.

Finding teams of experts means you not only have to find the experts but also detect their relationships. For example, did they co-author a publication, or do they quote each other or exchange emails on the subject of their expertise? Sinequa’s platform uses powerful machine learning to handle the complex analysis that this requires, finding connections faster than any human ever could.

Expert Search as a special application

Expert Search as a special application.

Searching for experts depends on the specific corpus of data that comes with their domain of expertise - think of a car designer and a purchasing manager. Results will have to be presented in different user interfaces for easy understanding. Search applications are best fit for this task, and Sinequa’s platform was designed and built to support custom search-based applications.

Adaptive user Interface

Adaptive user Interface.

Some customers use matrices listing experts with their domains of expertise. Others prefer a graph of the network of experts on a given topic. Some need to see the availability of experts in the timeline of a project. Sinequa’s adaptive user interface can do all this and more.

From general enterprise search to deep expert search with specific UIs.

Many Sinequa customers start building 360° views on given topics - “what do we know about XYZ?”. Sometimes the answers reside in digital content not accessible to the inquirers. They then ask “who knows?”. From there, searching for experts develops into an important use case in its own right.

Customers using Find the Expert

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