AstraZeneca’s Journey to Become Information-Driven with Cognitive Search.

Most organizations that invest in search implement a search solution from the Intranet and stop there. A search platform is a great tool that can bring together the organization’s many silos of information. So why limit yourself to a search box in the top right corner of the Intranet interface? There is greater value, insight and competitive advantage you can get from a cognitive search & analytics platform.

During this 40-minute session, Steve Sale, Search and Taxonomy Architect at AstraZeneca, will present :

  • The genesis of cognitive search at AstraZeneca
  • The Cognitive Search platform implementation steps and extension to a company-wide level
  • The future of Cognitive Search at AstraZeneca

While Graham Charlesworth, Senior Manager, Content Analytics Group, Accenture, and Martin Saunders, Senior Solution Consultant at Sinequa will present:

  • The state of the art of Search and why large organizations in every industry need to be equipped with a cognitive search platform
  • The added value of the Accenture-Sinequa partnership in delivering successful cognitive search projects
AstraZeneca’s Journey to Become Information-Drive

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'AstraZeneca’s Journey to Become Information-Driven with Cognitive Search'

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