"Relevant knowledge at the right time is priceless in the enterprise", according to Forrester. This is particularly true in the highly competitive pharma industry where knowledge is hidden in a deluge of structured and unstructured data of all kinds, buried among publicly available sources like trade databases, scientific publications, and patents, and internally from R&D, clinical trials, recorded patient interviews and more.

Learn how you can use Cognitive Search & Analytics to unlock this priceless knowledge by registering for this webinar. During this 40-minute interactive session, Jeff Evernham, VP Customer Solutions, North America, will discuss how Cognitive Search and Analytics can be leveraged to:

  • Identify networks of experts and Key Opinion Leaders on any given subject
  • Find the most suitable scientific partners
  • Alert researchers to the latest scientific developments in their fields
  • Access and discover research trends
  • Get information on drugs and diseases starting from chemical structures
  • Offer an enterprise-wide information portal to all employees
Cognitive Search & Analytics for the Life Sciences

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'Become Information-Driven: Cognitive Search & Analytics for the Life Sciences'

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