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A Search-powered GenAI Assistant for Manufacturing


Connect the Digital Thread

Manufacturers with disengaged employees cannot make informed decisions, leading to lower product quality and higher operating costs.

Sinequa’s Search-powered GenAI helps manufacturing organizations connect their employees to critical product lifecycle knowledge and expertise when needed. Help your plant drive informed sourcing decisions, accelerate onboarding and knowledge transfer, and improve overall workforce productivity and collaboration.


  • Search-powered GenAI for Engineering and Design
    From design to execution, Sinequa connects the Digital Thread to give your teams a fast, accurate, unified view of projects, products, and parts.


  • Search-powered GenAI for Maintenance and Support
    Whether you need responsive self-service or skilled support technicians, Sinequa helps you provide best-in-class maintenance and support with cutting-edge generative AI and pinpoint accurate searches for issues and resolutions.

A Search-powered GenAI Assistant

The Augmented Engineer empowers design teams with a unified view of projects, products, and parts and the ability to construct and search across a digital thread.

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Increase Margins


Increase reuse of parts

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Proven Benefits

We lose a lot of time searching through our various databases and existing tools, along with drawings and technical documentation. We selected Sinequa’s search engine because of its high performance and the fact that it’s straightforward to index databases.

Frédéric Antoine, Technical Support Network Manager, Airbus Helicopters

If Siemens only knew what Siemens knows; that was the initial challenge... now our employees find insight more efficiently - we're 30% faster with Sinequa.

Dr. Thomas Lackner, CTO Office, Corporate Technology, Siemens

Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform’s in-depth analysis provides Alstom’s employees with a thorough understanding of unstructured data, including the text coming from very complex technical and normative documents. This allows greater efficiency and real time savings for Alstom’s data scientists.

Tristan Le Masne, Vice President Internal Audit & Internal Control, Alstom

Frequently Asked Questions

Generative AI is a pivotal force and fundamentally reshaping the ongoing transformation of the manufacturing industry. Its impact extends across multiple critical domains fundamental to the production processes. It’s more than just a technological advancement; it’s propelling the industry into an era of heightened efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

Generative AI in manufacturing leverages advanced AI models to enhance design optimization, process efficiency, and quality control. It enables rapid prototyping, predictive maintenance, and defect detection, leading to cost reduction and improved product quality. By automating complex tasks and optimizing supply chains, generative AI drives innovation and efficiency, ultimately accelerating time-to-market for new products and supporting mass customization efforts.

Generative AI in manufacturing offers significant benefits, including increased innovation through optimized design exploration and cost reduction by minimizing material and energy usage. It enhances efficiency with predictive maintenance and process optimization, and improves product quality via advanced defect detection. Additionally, generative AI accelerates time-to-market with rapid prototyping and supports mass customization, enabling manufacturers to meet diverse customer needs more effectively.

Enterprise Search is a crucial technology designed to organize and provide access to large volumes of information across various platforms within an organization.

For manufacturers, Enterprise Search consolidates data from multiple sources such as product specifications, supply chain details, quality control parameters, and regulatory compliance standards. This integration creates a centralized repository that:

  • Optimizes Operations: Streamlines processes by making information easily accessible.
  • Accelerates Problem-Solving: Quickly retrieves necessary data to address issues efficiently.
  • Enables Informed Decision-Making: Provides comprehensive information to support decisions at every level.