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Sinequa Transforms The Employee Experience with Workplace Search

New SaaS solution that makes finding knowledge and expertise in the digital workplace effortless

  • Hosted and optimized on Microsoft Azure – Sinequa’s preferred cloud platform – Workplace Search is an advanced, turnkey solution that helps companies solve their ever-growing information findability challenges.
  • Built on decades of research and product development, Sinequa’s advanced search capabilities are uniquely designed for the workplace. They optimize the all-important employee experience, empowering the workforce to achieve more, duplicate less, and make better decisions every day.
  • Leading organizations are reimagining employee productivity and collaboration with Workplace Search. In Q4 2022, Sinequa began a partnership with a leading financial advisory and asset management firm, which now uses Sinequa as a core component of its digital workplace strategy.

New York, USA – Paris, France – January 31 2023 – Today, Sinequa announces Workplace Search, a solution that equips employees with fast, effortless retrieval of company knowledge. Sinequa already works with the world’s largest global organizations that recognize that company knowledge drives positive business outcomes. Now, organizations of all sizes can leverage the power of Sinequa to bring business-critical knowledge straight to their employees, improving employee productivity and collaboration like never before. Sinequa’s Workplace Search enables organizations to rapidly deliver relevant knowledge to their workforce so they can do their best work, securely and at scale.

Teams today are drowning in tools. According to a recent study by Forrester, large organizations use an average 367 different software tools, creating data silos and disrupting processes between teams. As a result, employees spend 25 percent of their time searching for the information they need to do their jobs.

The number of workplace apps that organizations are adopting is growing rapidly – along with the important information that lives within them. These organizations can no longer rely on the siloed nature and basic keyword search within their apps. Workplace Search powers today’s knowledge-driven organizations to tap into the power of the latest large language models to understand user’s natural language queries and provide a ubiquitous, consumer-grade search experience with unmatched relevance and performance,” said Adrien Gabeur, VP, Cloud & SaaS at Sinequa.

Workplace Search is an advanced, turnkey solution that integrates Microsoft Azure Storage and Azure Cognitive Search to helps companies solve their ever-growing information findability challenges.

Sinequa quickly connects to any content sources for a single, secure search application that makes finding information effortless. Advanced capabilities such as natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU) make Workplace Search the most capable search solution for the workplace. Employees can achieve more, duplicate less, and make better daily decisions with Workplace Search.

Finding knowledge that lives within an organization’s siloed systems is a growing problem. Not only does it directly impact employee productivity, but revenue and customer outcomes. With Workplace Search, Sinequa has the potential to address the rapidly evolving needs of the workplace with advanced relevance and scalability,” said Hayley Sutherland, Research Manager, Knowledge Discovery & Conversational AI, IDC.

Companies like Sinequa integrate their solutions with Microsoft Azure to help accelerate the value they bring to their customers,” said Casey McGee, Vice President of ISV Sales and Digital Natives at Microsoft Corp. “Sinequa’s SaaS platform hosted on Microsoft Azure makes it fast and easy for organizations to securely connect all their siloed content and make finding information as effortless as possible for their employees.

Reimagine the employee experience with Workplace Search

Workplace Search includes highly configurable features out of the box to power the search experience. As a SaaS-based solution with industry-certified security mechanisms, it’s easy to get started, process high volumes of data, and delivers the most relevant search experiences through unique capabilities built for a new era of work. These capabilities include:

Relevance from day one

Over the years, Sinequa has advanced its relevance capabilities for the best search experiences to your workforce. In addition to cutting-edge NLP on which the search experience is based, Sinequa’s platform also has state-of-the-art Neural Search capabilities that further enhance search relevance.

Actionable insights

Advanced features, such as locating individual slides within a presentation and previewing documents within the search results, ensure employees can quickly surface actionable insights. Document Navigator provides quick access to key information, automatically highlighting relevant keywords and passages within the document.

Real-time collaboration

Today, collaboration requires employees to know who has the knowledge and expertise they’re looking for and exactly where to find it. Workplace Search enables employees to find experts on topics relevant to their search, view their related work, and collaborate by quickly starting a chat and sharing information.

Sinequa Workplace Search is available now. For more information, visit

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Sinequa enables organizations of all sizes to put their content to work through the Sinequa Search Cloud. Customers trust the Search Cloud to connect, organize, and enrich all their content, learn from employee interactions, and present contextually relevant information with every search. Employees are empowered with the knowledge, expertise, and insights needed to make fast, informed decisions. Sinequa helps customers accelerate innovation, reduce duplicate work, foster real-time collaboration, and increase productivity. For more information, visit

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