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Optimizing Institutional Knowledge at One of the World's Leading Consulting Firms

Business issues

This consulting group has 21,000 knowledge workers, offices in more than 90 cities around the globe, and annual revenue in excess of $ 8.5 billion. For more than 50 years, it has helped public, not-for-profit and private sector clients grow, manage change, build competitive advantages, and boost bottom-line results.


This consulting group boasts decades of experience helping or ganizations solve complex problems. The expertise they have developed is reflected in the company’s knowledge repository. This motherlode of “sanitized content” (i.e., business cases stripped of logos, names and other identifying client information) includes a wealth of information helpful to employees and clients alike.

Insights, processes, and approaches from previous cases can be brought to bear on current projects. That is, of course, if the information can be found. By 2017, little was being invested in search, and it showed. The 15-year-old search solution, was getting long in the tooth. Customer satisfaction scores for findability of information were hovering around 55%.


Multiple internal customer satisfaction surveys have been conducted over the past twelve months. Usability and per formance satisfaction are up, and customer satisfaction (C-sat) scores for findability — the firm’s key metric —have already risen 27% in all four regions of the world.

Although they have not yet completely implemented Expert Finder — that’s on the docket for next year — simply making it easier to find people throughout the or ganization has helped link those searching for expertise with those who have it. The team has seen a 40% increase in expert queries since the Sinequa solution was implemented.

Having ready access to pertinent casework enables the firm’s employees to provide solutions t o clients faster. In addition, it helps ensure the firm’s expertise continues to be r ecognized and valued by consultants who use their knowledge repository.

[Regarding findability of relevant case information] We're 15 points [27% increase] up on our internal C-Sat ratings, in our four regions around the world.

Global IT Director

Future Annual Results

The Sinequa solution included identifying and quantifying the benefit of solving management consulting specific business issues. The following results are projected annual benefit:

  • Increased critical internal customer satisfaction score by 27%
  • Increased expert queries by 40% before even implementing Expert Finder
  • Eventual motherload is to apply Sinequa to the 800 terabytes of “unscrubbed” documents [all of the firms IP] that are sitting in the firm’s file-share system
C-Sat (customer satisfaction ratings) on findability. We were hovering around 55%. For a knowledge company, the ability to find stuff should be greater than the yield curve….

Global IT Director