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Empowering Global Sales Teams

Business issues

This building materials merchant has a network of 2 ,000 outlets run b y 63,000 employees in 27 countries. It supplies new construction, renovation and home impr ovement markets. It operates in a highly competitive market. It currently generates an operation margin of 7%. It is par t of a larger organization with sales of €39B.


The challenge was how to provide tools and process to 15,000 salespeople in 2,000 branch locations with the right information needed during liv e customer interactions. Today 350,000 suppliers and 2 million par ts reside inside of many other systems with complex processes and little integr ation. As a result, quotes, and live interactions fall short of providing a full solution t o customer requirements. Not satisfying customer material requirements for each quote request decreases client satisfaction (measured in NPS s cores) and reduces average order size and pr ofitability.


Although still in the early stages, the project will provide the following;

  • Complete and fast end-to-end solution for quote-to-cash customer quote requests
  • A single system interface to traverse 350,000 suppliers and the more than 2 million parts they supply
  • Determine everything that should be quoted, including alternatives, to solve a customer problem
  • Simplify the task of upselling and cross-sell based on customer needs, better satisfying customers, while reducing lost sales opportunities
Goal is to roll out Sinequa to our 15,000 salespeople and all branches to make quoting customer orders more efficient, accurate, increase basket [order] size and to improve profitability

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Anticipated Annual Results

Increase the average sale price by 16.6% (€300 to 350 per tr ansaction) and operating margin by 12.8% Achieved by;

  • Increasing sales of complementary and alternative items
  • Increased knowledge of, and better relationships with, the customer
  • Improved processes to communicate full and accurate solutions to the customer
  • Improvements to the Net Promotor Score (NPS) which is known to increase revenue and profitability
We feel Sinequa is uniquely qualified help simplify some of the 700 processes we have which support the sales and services teams who touch the customer. A lot of the information is in our ERP, but we can’t find it. Sinequa can extract data, and make sense of it, from anywhere.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)