Although the Great Resignation began in early 2021, it didn’t end there — millions of workers continue to quit their jobs month after month. Employees often cite a host of reasons why they’re leaving their current job, but one reason in particular — not having the tools to do their best work — is within the IT department’s ability to improve and fix. If workers can’t do their best work they’re going to leave — and your company can’t afford the institutional knowledge loss that comes with high turnover. You and the IT professionals on your team should examine the areas that are causing challenges for employees — areas such as enterprise search.

Enterprise search is crucial to an optimized employee experience. When employees can find the right information they need at the right time, they’re better able to do their jobs and more likely to stay where they’re working. Employees are constantly called upon to find information quickly and easily, but far too often they can’t. This leads to employee frustration and can contribute to employee attrition if not addressed.

In summer 2022, Sinequa (in partnership with CMSWire) commissioned two surveys: one targeting high-value business users and the other aimed at IT professionals. Both surveys solicited responses from enterprise organizations with 10,000 or more employees. We sought to understand what these two groups thought about enterprise search and how their opinions differ. As it turns out, their opinions differ quite greatly.