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Inform the Banking Call Centers

Business issues

With more than $ 475 billion in assets, this institution is one of the top five banks in the country. Serving clients in twenty-five states throughout the Midwest and West, it provides consumer and business banking, payment services, corporate and commercial banking, wealth management, and investing.


Call center banking specialists had to navigate thirty different applications, each with separate permissions and role settings, for information critical to customer calls, leading to confusion, frustration, and high turnover. Opening the right application for a given customer question was often a challenge.

Call center bankers are closely managed and have to meet tight “call time” constraints. Shortcuts were sometimes taken due to the time pressure providing compliance risk. This pressure caused high unplanned turnover. And a mistake, or poor call handling times, could get a banker fired. Across 80,000 employees, finding an expert who could answer a question was nearly impossible.

To add to the pressure…the provider of the current search application, which was supporting 88 different workflows, was pulling it off the market. After the new purchase decision, the new solution had to be in place within three months to meet the deadline.


Provide bankers with one application that encompasses thirty different applications for information critical to customer calls. The application is permission-based, with role-setting capabilities to provide users with fast, relevant, and highly customized search results based on their position and security clearance to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Calls are faster and more accurate. Average handle time (AHT) has been reduced by 16.6%, and client satisfaction is improving.

Anticipate releasing an expert-finding application that will create a network across 80,000 employees to share tribal knowledge, improve employee and customer satisfaction and enhance revenue and profit.

We have 30 different applications that the banker is required to query for information. ...for every time I had to click on an application as a banker, I would have to wait 30 seconds. I can easily save a banker, 30 seconds per call. They (15,000 support bankers) take 100 calls per day, so that adds up to millions in benefit.

Vice President International Development Group

Annual Results

The Sinequa solution included identifying and quantifying the benefit of solving finance-specific business issues. The following results include the corresponding annual benefit:

  • Saved $250k using 5 Sinequa connectors, reducing the cost to produce APIs ($50k cost avoidance per connector)
  • Enterprise search supports 88 workflows and some 2-4M queries per month from more than 80,000 people.
  • Anticipate a 16.6% reduction of average call handle time (AHT) in the call center cost avoidance of $49.8 M
  • Expect a 10% turnover reduction amongst bankers, saving $7.8 M
  • Anticipate doubling of productivity when the migration of 33M more data elements is complete.
  • Anticipate generating an additional $500 in revenue per customer-facing employee with the rollout of the Expert Finder application generating profit of $2.14 M
We only had 3 months to implement...they [Sinequa] made a promise that they would not let us fail…they kept that promise. I asked millions of questions…and they were so fantastic.

Lead Enterprise Search Administrator