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Informed Efficient Trials

Business Issues

This global biopharmaceutical company focuses on neurological and immunological diseases including Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and Rheumat oid Arthritis. In labs and offices ar ound the world, 7,643 employees work to develop both new chemical entities and biological entities in an effort to improve the lives of people suffering from these devastating diseases.


Expertise and data were scattered around the world. The company needed a solution to make expertise and information widely available. The effort to build effective search-based applications started over ten years ago, but the previously use products didn’t have the depth of capabilities needed to support the company’s deep search-based application needs.

Like its peers, this pharmaceutical company faces a multi-year process to bring a drug to market and achieve global availability, and at every step, efficacy and r egulatory hurdles must be traversed. Before a clinical trial is even approved, the company must first demonstrate that there is no global evidence that the same, or similar molecule, has done harm to humans. Efficacy comes next.

Information and insights are gained at each juncture that are critical to team members throughout this 12-30 year process to bring a drug to market. Painstaking futile search adds time, risk and cost to this already long process.


Implement an enterprise-level information-driven development platform that contextualizes information to inform decisions, improve productivity and innovation that reduce risk, lower costs and enable faster time-to-market of new drugs.

Pre-clinical, Phase 1 and 2 drug test risk monitoring for earlier identification of problems to create more accurate end-point achiements and improve the pass/fail ratio.

Proactively mitigate compliance risk by answering regulator’s questions quickly and completely.

Saving 5% (of 1,500 clinician’s time) is an absolutely safe projection of value. Just looking for something in Outlook would take more time. But, clinicians with difficult work flow are (actually) saving 20% of their time (annually saving €3.48M).

Senior Project Manager, Global IT Drug Development

Annualized Results

The Sinequa solution included identifying and quantifying the benefit of solving lif e science specific business issues. The following r esults include the corresponding annual benefit:

  • Identify Pre-clinical, Phase 1 and 2 risks, improve the pass/fail ratio, decreasing time-to-market | €126M / $143M
  • Increased efficiency of 1,500 clinicians | €3.48M / $3.95M
  • Increase efficiency of 3,750 non-clinicians | €2.1M / $2.4M
  • Decrease the cost compliance and regulatory risk
It could be something like €300,000-400,000 a day (the value of bringing a drug to market sooner.)

Senior Project Manager, Global IT Drug Development