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Business issues

This company is the leading global producer of integrated railway systems. Sophisticated and forward thinking, the corporation plays in every aspect of the market from components and infrastructure to rolling stock and digital solutions. It has become a dominant player in the industry through organic growth, strategic partnerships and acquisitions. If there is something a train needs to operate this company provides it.


Projects are huge and can often take decades to complete and run in the billions. The company’s staff is vast, geographically dispersed, with tens of thousands of workers and includes a global network of suppliers and strategic partners. These professionals use hundreds of applications and generate information that is stored in thousands of different places in millions of documents. What’s needed is an ability to synthesize global content and data in all formats and languages into information that is relevant, secure and easy to access. This is needed for customer-facing personnel who access data from internal and external sources, field workers, and back-office personal all who need access to customer contracts, transaction history, digital communications, CRM data, policies, processes and/or procedures. Making mistakes can be life threatening and very costly.


Provide an information-driven solution specifically designed for complex, robust information-based application problems that require actionable information presented in context to surface insights, inform decisions and elevate productivity, with a “single” easy to use application.

  • Provide team members access to all project information, enabling on-time completion of projects, increasing safety, customer satisfaction and profitability.
  • Progress projects more smoothly and reduce incidents of legal claims, reducing costs.
  • Eliminate expensive and dangerous duplicate inventory where items are replicated as many as 5 times in their systems and documentation.
  • Globally identify and link experts in a network to solve customer problems, create uniform proposals and share tribal knowledge.
  • Significantly lower legal claims with information-driven accurate and automated analysis of content and data.
We have 25,000 unique users on Sinequa who can now find the information they need to do their job within 6,000 Lotus Notes, 4,000 SharePoint and millions of documents across thousands of applications!

Global Digital Solutions Manager

Annual Results

The Sinequa solution included identifying and quantifying the benefit of solving manufacturing specific business issues. The following results include the corresponding annual benefit:

  • Improving productivity across 25,000 employees & partners saving | €45 M / $51.1 M
  • Anticipate reducing finding expertise, faster assembly of teams, reducing cost, saving | €11 M / $12.5 M
  • Anticipate eliminating the costs associated with duplicate inventory parts | €36.3 M / $41.3 M
  • Anticipate increased profit from improved RFP response effectiveness | €5.3 M / $6.02 M
  • Anticipate faster completion of projects for increased profitability
  • Anticipate significant cost reduction in compliance due to fewer legal claims
The Chief Operating Officer was the executive sponsor of the Sinequa projects. Our reputation and the reputation of the COO have been improved as a result of these projects with Sinequa.

Global Digital Solutions Manager