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Overcome Manufacturing Complexity

Business issues

A designer and builder of the world’s most capable aircraft. Acquisitions expanded capabilities into the design and development of electronics and information technologies, communications systems, spaceborne sensors, fiber optic equipment, cybersecurity systems and more. Locations in 21 countries and every US state, this corporate behemoth currently has some 85,000 employees and anticipates hiring 35,000 in the next five years to replace retiring employees and grow.


It has proved challenging bringing multiple, diverse organizations together under one roof. With the twenty acquisitions over the last fifteen years one ongoing challenge has been enabling employees across the globe to access data that is spread across different and disparate repositories, extract information from this data and derive insight and value.

Another challenge is how to retain at risk employees, those in the 3-5 years of experience “swim lane” that are just beginning to generate significant value and have gained tribal knowledge worth protecting.

There is a need to bridge the gaps that exists between the old way of training and the new generation of learners to satisfy their learning requirements and top-scale the workforce.


Leverage video to improve retention and provide access to information consistent with the learning style of the last two generations of associates to enter the workforce.

Provide search capabilities that can deliver the relevant information in all forms from a single source.

  • Improve productivity by providing results that are relevant and comprehensive
  • Bring order to disparate content and data repositories
  • Honor multi-level permissions enhancing data security to ensure compliance
  • Improve retention specifically within the middle-career associates
  • Analytics to continuously enhance and refine data into information
  • Contextual delivery of video – more effectively satisfying the training needs of the 35,000 to-be-hired over the next 5 years
Retention is a critical issue for us. Sinequa determines who the experts are, or who the up and coming influencers are in various fields. Finding people can assist new employees so they are productive faster, so they feel more fulfilled, so we can retain them.

Manager of Programs

Expected Annualized Results

The Sinequa solution included identifying and quantifying the benefit of solving manufacturing specific business issues. The following results include the corresponding annual benefit :

  • 8% increase in productivity across 59,500 KWs | $278 M
  • 8% increase in efficiency of 8-person enterprise sear ch team | $53.5k
  • Meet GDPR privacy standards, lowering the cost of compliance, saving millions
  • Leverage intellectual capital in R&D across business units
  • Improve sales, manufacturing and maintenance by securely sharing information with manufacturing partners
The capacity of Sinequa to determine what it is and then classify it appropriately is making sense out of documents, turning data into information that never would have been possible before.

Manager of Programs