Manufacturing organizations from Research and Development to Customer Care play with a vast amount of siloed and heterogeneous data scattered across several applications and systems. Sinequa enables a large-scalable process continuously transforming raw data into information and insights. In this Demo, we have indexed FDA data including device data, part repositories, events and complaints related to those devices and parts as well as associated PLM data and documents.

In one hand, for his day-to-day work the R&D engineer need to connect to tens of application to find answers to typical questions helping him to get his job done. Those are spread and hidden in disparate across disparate location and applications. Thanks to Sinequa smart connectors and unique combination of NLP and AI capabilities, the R&D engineer have all information he needs at his fingertip in not time: Product characteristics, associated Bill of Material and product events, a timeline of all the changes related to a product as well as change details, related documents ( Design, Compliance, etc.) but also the experts related to a specific product. He can then regain some time to achieve more while being efficient and faster.

On the other hand, as a customer engineer, solving a case is all about navigating tens of documents and applications including the PLM system, the FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), Product manuals, FAQs, CRM and of course incidents system while being under pressure. By leveraging its smart indexing, NLP, and AI capabilities Sinequa normalizes the knowledge and augments the agent intelligence by providing a one stop shop place showcasing hints and analytics regarding a specific issue, the right troubleshooting guide or actions to take, the similar cases and associated people who solved them as well as documents or articles used to solve them. Sinequa also suggests part substitute based on smart analysis of product BOM and drawings; The benefits out of its are just tremendous: TTR (Time for Ticket Resolution) shortening and tickets deflection leading to high the customer satisfaction and product adoption.

Last not least leveraging its best in class features like Query Intent, Smart facet, advanced search and analytics, Sinequa guides right away any single employee to the right piece of information he is looking for at the right time while being compliant with corporate security policies.