Today more than ever, global manufacturing companies must be able to leverage technology to adjust quickly and decisively to changing conditions while still pursuing long-term opportunities. To respond in a timely manner despite geographically dispersed suppliers and customers, these organizations rely on intelligent enterprise search to identify products, parts, and components across all the data sources that hold useful information about those items.

Product quality is top of mind for all these companies

The ability to produce things that align with evolving customer needs but can still be serviced easily is the number one challenge influencing the activities of these firms worldwide. The good news is that these firms have more data to do their jobs than ever before. However, research shows that only 17% are fully satisfied with their ability to use this data (e.g., maintenance contracts, technician documents, PDFs) to optimize the supply chain, deliver service excellence, and optimize the customer experience.

You will learn the following:

  • The ROI of establishing a single, unified view of all product content coming from Enterprise Content and leading PLM systems
  • Building blocks to modernize your manufacturing activities
  • Technology tools that minimize complexity and facilitate growth
  • Success stories from leading brands such as Siemens and Alstom