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A top pharma company speeds up clinical data analysis with search

Business issues

This company is a world leader in biotechnology, with global sales that exceeded $7 billion. It’s impressive product portfolio helps improve the lives of people suffering from rare and serious diseases through the development of therapeutics that treat conditions such as immune and neurological disorders, bleeding disorders, hereditary angioedema, and inherited respiratory disease. It has been a leader in biotherapeutics research and development for more than a century.


Medical research is fed by data, yet this company had been limping along for years using the underpowered search engine provided free of charge with SharePoint. The need to find experts quickly, to reduce the time-to-market for new drugs, and the ability to address adverse events more seamlessly and at lower cost drove the need for a new search-based application solution.


Apply Sinequa search-based applications to focus on pure data analytics where data is collected, processed, analyzed and turned into insights to improve decision making. Apply a search-based application driven by Sinequa to the high-performance computing group that does research designed to shorten the drug development life cycle by finding promising molecules that can be quickly advanced to clinical trials and future drug releases. Manufacturing will benefit from enhanced search capabilities by improving efficiency and reducing errors. And standing out amongst all of these, though, is the rare disease portal. R&D and commercial operations will focus on the rare disease market, leveraging Sinequa’s semantic modeling to ultimately reduce the time-to-market for new drugs

The search team believes that, eventually, when the tool’s use is expanded throughout the company to include capabilities such as Expert Finder, Sinequa will help increase productivity across the entire enterprise.

We create all these brand plans once a product reaches market. Without Sinequa, it's easier to restart and recreate new materials than to try to find it.

Director Enterprise Business Applications

Annual Results

The Sinequa solution included identifying and quantifying the benefit of solving biotech specific business issues. The following results are anticipated annual benefit:

  • 9 to 10-fold increase in findability and accuracy out-of-the-box will help address business issues
  • Minimally $340,000 more revenue per day, or $102 million total.
We only had 3 months to implement...they [Sinequa] made a promise that they would not let us fail…they kept that promise. I asked millions of questions…and they were so fantastic.

Lead Enterprise Search Administrator