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Reduce the Time-to-Resolution for Call Centers

Business benefits

This French telecommunications company has tens of millions of customers that rely upon it for mobile phone, land-based phone, and high-speed internet service. Customers interact with the company either through its call center or by visiting one of the hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations.


The speed and success with which issues are resolved are key to customer satisfaction. Information needed to resolve customer issues resided in 20-30 different applications. Turnover is high, so customer care agents had limited experience with the various systems. It was not for lack of training, as they invested three weeks in each agent’s training.

The company needed to simplify the process of finding information to improve the customer service experience, enable call center employees to handle more calls, and reduce training time. Given the volume, this was not an easy task:


Million mobile, land and DSL clients


call center agents


weeks of training on 20-30 applications

Years ago, there were 20 applications each with a specific goal. I was on the team that developed the application that allowed the user to instead of opening five applications to get all the data in a single page.

Director Enterprise Business Applications


This telecom simplified the issue resolution process and improved the customer experience. They built an application that used Sinequa’s search-based application platform to condense the information from twenty different applications into one interface. This application enabled agents to have a 360-degree view of customer information without opening multiple applications.

Making information from multiple applications available through one interface has reduced average call duration for 10,000 agents by over 25%, saving the company over $20 million per year. This has also simplified training, with a future goal of reducing training time by 33%. Given that turnover is well over 100% per year, this savings is also significant.

In the future, their plan is to leverage Sinequa to query the 10-year database of customer care cases and bring an agent the best solutions to every problem encountered on every call. Automatic commentary that the call center agent doesn’t need to type is expected to shave an additional 1-2 minutes off every call saving additional millions per year.

Annual Results

The Sinequa solution included identifying and quantifying the benefit of solving telecom specific business issues. The following results are anticipated annual benefit:

  • Reduced average call duration by 25% over the many years of using Sinequa saving the company over $20 million per year
  • Anticipated Future Benefit
  • Reduce training time by 1/3 – from 3 weeks to 1 week, making employees productive 33% faster
  • Further decrease call duration an estimated 1-2 minutes, reducing 27% of time on commercial calls that last 5-6 minutes saving millions per year
Automatic commentary that the person [call center agent] doesn’t need to type will save 1-2 minutes more per call. 100% of the time we have had that same problem. And 90% of the time we think Sinequa will deliver a result that saves time.

Software Architect and Lead Developer