Enterprise search for Manufacturing.

Manufacturing agility at enterprise scale.

As the distributed manufacturing world becomes increasingly digital, content and data naturally emerge as a driving force for decision-making. Manufacturing workers don’t need to follow their guts anymore – and they absolutely shouldn’t. They can and should be using relevant and accurate information to make smart, strategic decisions with measurable outcomes.

Manufacturers that use Sinequa’s technology to enable employees to find relevant information and discover insights across the organization have already proven to fare better than those that do not.


Does your organization need help to:

  • Increase productivity and minimize workers’ time spent searching for information, surfacing relevant content quickly across a diverse spectrum of sources.
  • Form the best teams to lead complex projects, identifying experts from across the organization.
  • Optimize production costs by eliminating the creation of duplicate parts.

Enterprise Search: Manufacturing Agility at Enterprise Scale.

How Manufacturers are using Intelligent Search to solve critical Business Issues and improve Customer and Employee Experience.

Already trusted by the largest manufacturing organizations

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Connect people with knowledge, insights, and expertise from across the organization.

Sinequa accelerates innovation, optimizes efficiency, and creates agility by unifying all enterprise content in every format and language. This means that individuals across the organization can easily find the information they need.

Sinequa’s intelligent search capabilities surface relevant information using Natural Language Processing, Entity Extraction, and Machine Learning to provide insights to workers that improve productivity, enable informed decisions, and make it easy to find patterns and relationships among disparate silos of information.

What our customers say.

"Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform’s in-depth analysis provides Alstom’s employees with a thorough understanding of unstructured data, including the text coming from very complex technical and normative documents. This allows greater efficiency and real time savings for Alstom’s data scientists."

Tristan Le Masne, vice president Internal Audit & Internal Control

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Why do leading global Manufacturers use Sinequa's enterprise search platform?

As digital transformation takes hold within global manufacturing organizations, some are adapting more quickly than others. Sinequa is a key part of making transformation happen.

Boost employee productivity and collaboration

Boost employee productivity and collaboration.

Employees work better and faster when they have a central place to get their questions answered, find relevant information, and surface key insights. Consistently well-informed employees make better decisions and solve problems faster.

Speed up innovation and reduce time to market

Speed up innovation and reduce time to market.

Facilitate the reuse of existing components for new projects and reduce the creation of duplicate parts, by providing workers with tools to search and analyze information on suitable components across all sources regardless of location, supplier or language.

Improve the customer experience

Improve the customer experience.

Provide maintenance and support personnel with unified views of customers, products, parts, problem reports, and trouble-shooting procedures to resolve issues faster and reduce downtime for customers.

Find subject matter experts for every project and issue

Find subject matter experts for every project and issue.

Identify experts on any topic throughout the organization based on the digital “imprints” they leave in documents, publications, and collaboration forums throughout the digital workplace.

And much more

And much more.

The benefits of surfacing relevant information and insights across the organization are limited only by the imagination. Sinequa has observed patterns of value creation over time and welcomes the opportunity to establish a business case for intelligent search projects collaboratively with our customers.

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