Sinequa & Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging (TRIT)

The rise of new software and applications designed to store, manage and warehouse data has meant that for many organizations, the challenge is not accessing data; it’s being able to consolidate and index it effectively so as to extract the right contextual insight.

With data increasingly spread across a number of interna[ and external sources – including emails, notes, articles, PDFs, CRMs and databases – users are spending more and more time sifting through files, trying to locate relevant documents amidst the ‘noise’ returned by most searches.

That’s where Sinequa’s leading cognitive search & analytics platform, combined with Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging cames in. Using natural language processing and machine learning techniques, our joint solution helps you consolidate and analyze data across your enterprise with greater accuracy and efficiency, resulting in search results that return relevant information and lead to higher performance.