Pfizer, a renowned enterprise pharmaceutical company with over 90,000 employees and contractors, understands the challenges of finding information promptly and efficiently. The process is often disjointed, slow, and hindered by the sheer volume of data.

In this session, Bill, a key leader at Pfizer, will guide us through their search transformation journey, sharing lessons learned and tales from the inside as his team successfully deployed Sinequa to revolutionize their enterprise search experience in May 2020.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The Need for Change: Understand the challenges faced by Pfizer in navigating its vast information landscape and the limitations of traditional keyword-based search methods. Explore how the quest for a more efficient, intuitive, and insightful search solution led them to embark on this journey.
  • Selecting the Right Solution: Learn about the meticulous process Pfizer undertook to select the ideal search product for their unique needs. Gain insights into the criteria, considerations, and key business cases that influenced their decision to adopt Sinequa’s advanced Insight Engine.
  • Deploying Sinequa: Witness the journey of implementing Sinequa at Pfizer and the strategic decisions made along the way. Bill will provide a firsthand account of the challenges, successes, and lessons learned during deployment, offering valuable insights to guide organizations considering a similar transformation.