Like any organization that has existed for decades, MBDA has capitalized on its knowledge and people to continue innovating. While innovation takes time, and the generation of pioneers is retiring, how to preserve the digital capital and make it accessible to new employees?

Listen to Philippe Weissen, Group Head of IS Enterprise Services & Support, to understand how Sinequa helps MBDA in its defense mission, considering the security and confidentiality constraints related to its mission.

In the video, Weissen highlights three key areas:

  • Leveraging Unstructured Data: Using advanced technologies like Sinequa’s platform, insights can be extracted from unstructured data sources.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making and Efficiency: Sinequa’s platform enables faster, informed decision-making and improves operational efficiency by providing a unified view of data from various sources.
  • Supporting Digital Transformation: Sinequa’s platform supports digital transformation efforts through seamless integration, scalability, security, and a user-centric design.