In Drug Discovery and Development, knowledge you can’t find isn’t power… it’s a problem.

The top Life Sciences organizations are already using Sinequa’s Scientific Search technology to build a connected view of information critical to making better—and faster—decisions about what’s being studied in their labs.

But what does Scientific Search entail, and why is it a vital part of the Drug Discovery and Development process at the world’s most respected pharmaceutical organizations? To put it simply, Sinequa Scientific Search connects ALL of the data that researchers need to do their work, uses machine learning to find meaning in the patterns, and makes those data insights searchable, all from a single location. When your data is connected, finding public, private, or paid information about an active pharmaceutical ingredient, experiment/assay, drug target, delivery system, or anything else is as simple as typing a question. Ready to learn more?

In this asset, you’ll learn:

  • How your peers have used Sinequa Scientific Search to transform their R&D processes
  • Why unifying data sources can accelerate TPP creation (and just about everything else)
  • What a winning Scientific Search strategy looks like
  • …and more!