According to Forrester Research, “Relevant knowledge at the right time is priceless in the enterprise.” This is particularly true in the highly competitive pharma industry, where knowledge is hidden in a deluge of structured and unstructured data of all kinds, buried among publicly available sources such as trade databases, scientific publications, and patents, as well as internal repositories like R&D data, clinical trials, recorded patient interviews, and more! Sinequa and SciBite team up to provide a winning combination of Cognitive Search and powerful Life Sciences Semantics to help leading pharma organizations unlock the wealth of R&D data.

During this webinar, our guest speakers, Lee Harland, SciBite Founder, and Chief Scientific Officer, and Gengis Birsen, Sinequa Sr. Sales Engineer, will cover:

  • The winning combination of Powerful Search & Advanced Semantics
  • The benefits of SciBite’s highly enriched ontologies
  • Integration of SciBite semantics into Sinequa
  • Live demo & use cases