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Put Your Content to Work and Fuel Your Workforce With Workplace Search

Posted by Charlotte Foglia

Put Your Content to Work

The evolving ways people work and collaborate have put immense pressure on organizations to transform their workplace – and the stakes have never been higher. Workplace Search and Knowledge Management leaders understand that productivity and collaboration directly impact business outcomes. When employees can reuse company knowledge, they can better serve their customers, make informed decisions, and are generally happier as they spend more time on the work they were hired to do.

Workplace technology has made it easier than ever to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge with colleagues. But employees still spend 25% of their time searching for the information they need to do their job. Here’s why:

  • Teams are drowning in tools. According to a recent study by Forrester, large organizations use an average of 367 different software tools, creating knowledge silos and disrupting processes between teams.
  • Digital knowledge is growing faster than ever. As work and collaboration take place online, the amount of knowledge is growing faster than ever – and often impossible to find.
  • Business technology often fails to deliver frictionless experiences. 95% of employees say they struggle with digital friction – especially when it comes to searching for kowledge.

Your company deserves a better way to search.

Even today’s enterprise search solutions just aren’t cutting it. Some lack the capabilities needed to surface a complete view of relevant insights simply because of the sheer volume of knowledge within the organization. Others don’t allow enough customization of the search experience to meet the needs of their customers – or everything is so customizable your entire IT team would need to dedicate months they don’t have.

This is precisely why we developed Workplace Search.

Sinequa already works with the world’s largest global organizations that use Workplace Search to put their content to work. The capabilities customers value most are baked into Workplace Search to deliver companies of any size the most advanced search relevance, alongside highly configurable search experiences out of the box.

Become your workplace hero.

Workplace Search creates a single, secure entry point to all your company’s content repositories and business applications. Built from the ground up to address the needs of the workforce, Sinequa makes it fast and easy for employees to find all the relevant knowledge they need to do their job. Employees will be equipped to:

  • Achieve more. When employees have a single tool to find all existing knowledge within their company, they excel at their job. They’re empowered to build on existing knowledge and produce much better results.
  • Duplicate less. In many organizations, it’s much easier to redo work than it is to find what already exists. This is not only a waste of time but leaves unnecessary room for human error. Workplace Search enables employees to find all existing work to avoid duplication and costly mistakes.
  • Make better daily decisions. The search experience is completely personalized for each user, providing contextually relevant knowledge right when they need it. Intuitive features help them narrow their search results and pinpoint key knowledge within documents.

Workplace Search: join leading organizations who are putting their content to work.

Leading organizations already trust Sinequa to power their workforce and put their content to work. The search experience is uniquely designed for their workforce. Not an eCommerce site. Not a public website. Your most valuable asset – your employees.

Sinequa has spent over two decades investing and building on powerful search capabilities as the workplace and customer needs evolve. Together, these advanced capabilities deliver:

Relevance from day 1

When talking about hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of documents, finding the ones you need is no walk in the park. Our powerful natural language processing (NLP) capabilities analyze, organize, and enrich all your content. Sinequa automatically draws connections between related documents by analyzing metadata and business entities, ensuring that every search returns complete and relevant information.

Actionable insights

Finding relevant documents is one thing. Locating the knowledge you’re looking for within these documents is another – especially when dealing with lengthy documents. Or when you just need to find one slide within a PowerPoint deck and end up having to download the whole thing and sift through slides. Workplace Search comprises out-of-the-box features for locating individual slides and previewing documents within the search results. Document Preview provides quick access to relevant information, automatically highlighting relevant keywords and passages within the document. Quickly jump to the search terms and related terms such as acronyms, synonyms, and any custom business entities.

Real-time collaboration

Today, collaboration requires knowing who has the knowledge and expertise needed and exactly where to find it. Workplace Search enables employees to find experts on topics relevant to their search, view their related work, and quickly start a chat with them. Employees avoid wasting time hunting for experts and then scheduling a meeting with them only to learn everything they needed was on a page in Confluence.

Ready to see it in action? Request your personalized demo or check out this 2-minute video.

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