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How One Manufacturer Achieves Operational Excellence at Scale

A leading global manufacturer, Siemens makes operational excellence a critical part of its digital strategy. The organization relies on accurate, up-to-the-minute information to drive meaningful actions. Without it, customer satisfaction and revenue are directly impacted. That’s why they chose Sinequa to help every employee quickly and easily locate business-critical information from a single search entry point.


  • Siloed systems that store growing volumes of business-critical information.
  • Customer-facing teams struggled to find the information they needed to respond to requests.
  • Subject matter experts were leaving the company, taking their institutional knowledge with them.
  • Complex security requirements made it difficult to ensure employees could access the information they were authorized to access.
  • Sensitive data was constantly at risk of being found by employees that shouldn’t have permission to access.


Siemens partnered with Sinequa to replace their legacy search solution with an intelligent search solution that employees could use to find information when they needed it – regardless of the location or format. The company aimed to achieve several key outcomes:

  • Optimize sales responsiveness to win more new business faster.
  • Boost productivity for employees across the organization.
  • Streamline key business processes around customer service.
  • Increase collaboration and reduce redundancy by connecting people to knowledge, skills, and expertise across the organization.


Sinequa seamlessly connected to all Siemens’s content sources, ingesting content from structured sources (such as SAP and internal databases) and unstructured sources (such as SharePoint, social networks, and intranets.) Every piece of content is organized and enriched to ensure relevant information can be surfaced from a sea of millions of documents.

The Results

  • Improved productivity. Every employee utilized Sinequa’s search solution to find information across the organization. As a result, 80% of employees reported a time savings of at least one hour per day.
  • Revenue generation. The ability to access critical information started as early as responding to a request for proposal (RFP) from a prospect. Sinequa brought efficiency and effectiveness to the completion of often lengthy RFPs. Employees could quickly surface and repurpose information from past RFPs, resulting in a 2-3% increase in effectiveness in winning new business.
  • Improved customer service. Siemens customers have access to a customer support portal with loads of information to sift through. Siemens used Sinequa’s powerful search to enhance the search experience and help customers quickly find the information they needed. They saw a decrease in call center volume and estimate that they avoided the need for 16 highly specialized field engineers – translating to well over a million dollars in cost savings per year.
  • Better utilization of expertise. Sinequa helped Siemens link knowledge, skills, and expertise across the organization. Employees could search for topics and find subject matter experts and their work without knowing who they are or where this expertise lived. Overall, the organization was able to minimize duplicate work, form project teams with the right people, and produce better business outcomes.
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IT Manager, Siemens