Enterprise Search for Financial Services.

Financial workflows without waste.

Too much data slows financial workflows. Employees waste hours grinding data into useful information. And all too often, the result is not enough information, and even fewer insights. All of this takes time from serving customers and making decisions.

Sinequa’s software uses artificial intelligence to make relevant information and insights findable inside and outside your company.

Our platform works across many use cases. It helps:

  • Financial salespeople build pitches faster.
  • Customer service agents answer questions quicker.
  • Branch bankers see unified and complete views of customers.
  • Wealth advisors create investment insights for clients.


Does your financial institution need help to:

  • Discover insights, despite exploding data volume and variety that is siloed, and scattered.
  • Stop wasting hours of employee time searching for information every day.
  • Spend more time creating insights and less time refining raw data into information.
  • Find value in unstructured data that is currently being left unmined.
  • Leverage investments in legacy systems to solve data problems.

Transforming Financial Organizations with Enterprise Search.

How Sinequa helps Financial Services Organizations Unlock the Potential of their Data. Discover many ways in which Sinequa’s AI-Powered Search & Analytics platform can help your organization.

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Customer success story.

A leading active investment manager needed to speed up their sales and service workflows. With 15,000 fund fact sheets produced every month, finding information for sales pitches and customer queries could take hours, or even days. These delays damaged the client's experience.

With Sinequa’s insights engine, our customers can now answer simple and complex investor questions faster. And they have a platform to go beyond service and sales. Future use cases include investment research, technology and operations, and M&A. We call this multi-use-case approach for investment managers, All the Alphas.

What our customers say.

"We started to envision the opportunity to create a platform that really could answer not just a simple query but would drive all company efficiency, operational efficiency from a global enterprise perspective."

Aimee Bourke Foster, Vice President - IAS Institutional Channel

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Why do Financial institutions use Sinequa's enterprise search platform?

Customers, employees, and financial firms all benefit from using Sinequa’s enterprise search. Financial institutions can accelerate workflows, extract value from all their data, and leverage their investment in legacy systems. Meanwhile, employees have less tedious work, get more recognition, feel more engaged, and customers enjoy enhanced experiences.

Faster financial workflows

Accelerate financial workflows.

Whatever the workflow, when employees have the information and insights they need, three things happen. First, employees stop wasting time foraging for information. And second, the output of a process (anything from a credit analysis to an investment decision) accelerates. And third, they make better decisions being better informed.

Better customer experience

Enhance customer experience.

Financial customers expect every interaction with a company to add to their overall experience. Smooth the path to a consistent user experience across all touch-points with the company with Sinequa. Provide your employees with the information and insights they need at each stage of the customer journey.

Better employee engagement

Increase employee engagement .

Financial institutions run 15 of the top 20 largest call centers in the U.S. Employee attrition remains a perennial problem. With Sinequa, customer service agents have a single view across all systems. This means they can answer customer questions better and faster. And agent training accelerates because they don’t need to learn multiple systems.

Extract value from all data

Extract value from all data.

Unsurfaced value hides in unstructured data. But mining value from documents, emails, and presentations takes hard labor. Applying Sinequa’s Intelligent Search to this alternative data yields new insights that complement information from structured sources--without breaking a sweat.

Practical digital transformation

Make digital transformation happen.

To meet customer expectations and fight off fintechs, most financial firms have launched digital transformations. Yet 70% of digital transformations fail, according to McKinsey. Fortunately, you can achieve the benefits of transformation with less risk. Use a Sinequa Insights Engine to easily and rapidly access all data across the organization, including that of legacy systems.

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Transforming Financial Organizations with an Information-Driven Approach

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