• 81% of knowledge management professionals said their employees relied more on knowledge and information management tools and solutions in 2020 than in previous years
  • 58% said findability problems had more of an impact on key business metrics than in years past
  • More than a quarter of respondents reported that findability problems are affecting their company’s bottom line
  • Knowledge management and IT leaders will present the full survey results and best practices for improving intelligent search strategies at upcoming event Inform Online: The Renaissance in Knowledge Management

New York & Paris - June 08 2021 - Organizations’ search problems intensified in the last year, as pandemic-induced remote work put more strain on the technologies that connect employees to information, knowledge, and one another, according to a new survey of knowledge management (KM) and IT executives from Intelligent search provider Sinequa and research firm, APQC. Over 80% of respondents said their employees relied more on KM and information management tools and solutions in 2020 than in previous years, and 58% said findability problems had more of an impact on key business metrics than in years past.

Damage to productivity, CX, and bottom line

The survey of 200 KM and IT leaders in North America and Europe found that nearly two-thirds say an inability to find information is a significant drain on employee productivity. Search frustration also trickles down to customers through sales and service representatives who struggle to find information when responding to customer inquiries. More than a quarter say that findability problems are affecting their company’s bottom line, through costly mistakes and errors, lost revenue, or missed opportunities for cost deflection. However, many organizations appear to be aware of the issues, with three quarters of respondents rating the ability to find information as an essential or high priority goal for their business.

Speaking on the research findings, Jeff Evernham, VP Product Strategy at Sinequa, commented: “Adapting to the pandemic has been difficult for all businesses over the past year, but remote work has raised the importance of good knowledge management to a whole new level. It’s positive to see that many organizations know they have disconnects between information systems and are taking action. It’s essential that they act swiftly to provide both in-office and remote employees with the tools to coordinate and find the information they need, or they risk lowering productivity across the business and negatively impacting the organization’s bottom line.

Virtual event hosts line up of experts sharing knowledge management strategies

The full results of the study, which point to a growing need for knowledge management strategies and tools to enable the new digital hybrid workforce, will be presented on June 24th at Inform Online, a virtual conference hosted by Sinequa that brings together experts to share best practices and key strategies for improving knowledge management.

The Inform Online event will feature leaders in knowledge management including Takeda's Head of KM, Giovanni Piazza, Principal Research Lead at APQC, Lauren Trees, and Skadden's KM Systems Director, Charmaine Polvara, and Sinequa’s VP of Customer Success, alongside Clifford Cantrell. During the half-day virtual webinar, speakers will share insights and best practices for improving intelligent search strategies.

To register for Sinequa’s Inform Online event taking place June 24th, please follow this link: www.sinequa.com/events/inform-online-the-renaissance-of-knowledge-management/.

For more information on the survey, visit: www.sinequa.com/assets/whitepapers/knowledge-isnt-power-when-you-cant-find-it-access-apqc-and-sinequas-latest-global-market-research/.

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