Sinequa University teaches customers, partners and employees the fundamentals of Enterprise Search and advanced search-based applications.

New York, USA - Paris, France - April 15 2021 - Sinequa, a leader in Enterprise Search, today announces the success of its Sinequa University program, rolled out last year to support the onboarding of customers, employees, and educate partners on how to make optimal use of Sinequa’s platform. Sinequa University currently includes more than 150 courses, over 200 videos, and three levels of certification to help people quickly gain valuable technical skills to extend the use of Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform. More than 1000 participants have attended Sinequa University courses virtually to date, with 500 achieving qualifications through the available courses. Sinequa plans to add a wide range of additional tutorials and guided exercises on a regular basis.

Jens Van Der Perre, Technical Lead at Atos Belgium, added: “As someone who grew up using classic Sinequa User Interface technologies, the switch to the Angular framework is a huge change. It brings a lot of new features and improvements, but it also means entering uncharted territory, bringing some uncertainties. Sinequa University, and more specifically the SBA related courses, greatly alleviated these uncertainties, providing a clear introduction and samples to quickly kickstart the switch to Angular.

Sinequa University enables customers, employees and partners to gain qualifications that better equip them for working with Sinequa’s enterprise software platform. Professional certification also provides customers, partners and employees with an advantage over competitors, giving them a deeper knowledge and allowing them to better support clients with enterprise search. There are three levels of certification available – Associate, Specialist and Expert – with content covering a wide range of topics, including setting up connectors, indexing, search, advanced security controls, how to leverage natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and how to design the search infrastructure as well as the best business user experience.

Gnanesh Greatston, Cognitive Search and Analytics Specialist at Alstom, commented: “For all the Sinequa professionals out there, the Sinequa University is a gem! With the courses offered, you can be updated about their latest enhancements. With “engaging learners” being the main key for e-learning, this university has done a tremendous job. Their videos reinforce the information which has been extensively covered in the documentation. Moreover, the certifications do not just test our knowledge, but also our ability to solve problems and approach tasks. This is, without a doubt, a game changer!

The Sinequa University program also provides customers and partners with support and assistance beyond the software, like product demonstrations and several project guidelines. For Sinequa employees, courses on company tools and the internal workspace are provided in addition to training on Sinequa’s software. These courses support productivity and improve employee experience, while training on the software keeps employees up to date on the Sinequa solution. Employees’ training can be monitored automatically so that managers can keep up to date with learners’ progress.

Luc Manigot, VP Center of Excellence at Sinequa, said: “Intelligent search technologies are now essential to organisations looking to leverage their data and documents through tailored Search Experiences, to better serve their employees. Sinequa University provides customers, partners and our community of specialists with the training required to gain these skills and to make optimal use of Enterprise Search capabilities within their business, as well as gain strong competitive advantage.

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