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Sinequa helps companies of all sizes bring unified and intuitive search experiences directly to their business applications or web browser. Designed to keep employees in the flow of work, they can discover relevant information right when they need it. Finally put your enterprise content to work quickly and easily with Workplace Search, built on Sinequa's SaaS search platform.

Workplace Search is powered by a cloud-based search engine that is both intelligent and secure, alleviating the burden otherwise put on IT teams to own and maintain their search infrastructure. It’s never been easier to boost employee productivity and power decision-making one search at a time. Imagine the possibilities with Workplace Search.

Workplace Search, A SaaS Search Application.
Achieve more

Achieve more.

More than half of your time can be spent switching between apps and searching for information, instead of doing the skilled job you were hired to do. Make a fundamental shift in how you search with instant, up-to-date knowledge that you need and trust.

Minimize duplicate work.

Duplicate less.

Work is constantly re-done as content and data are growing faster than ever, making it difficult to find previous work. Sinequa facilitates seamless accessibility to past research and projects, unlocking productivity and innovation even in the most complex workflows.

If only your workforce knew what your company knows.

Know what your company knows.

What if all your company’s knowledge was right at your fingertips? Put institutional knowledge to work every day - even if your data is largely unstructured - and find the expertise you need fast. Imagine the possibilities with Workplace Search.

Make information come to you
Make information come to you

Sinequa delivers the best search relevance, deeply understanding your search intent to deliver only relevant results every time. Powered by advanced machine learning and natural language processing, Sinequa is the first to market with some of the most advanced relevance capabilities based on four deep learning models. Shift from finding information to information finding you and unlock greater productivity and innovation.

Intuitive search interface
Intuitive search interface

Quickly and easily narrow down your search results and pinpoint the exact information you need. Utilize dynamic filtering, document preview, and intuitive content tags for topics and user ratings as you work.

In-depth content analysis
In-depth content analysis

Human language is filled with ambiguity, making it hard for basic search engines to decide what results to deliver. Sinequa can deeply understand not only user intent, but all of your content, regardless of the language. Sinequa’s semantic NLP capabilities automatically pre-process, enrich, and extract meaning from large amounts of unstructured data. Find relationships between documents, extract key entities, classify documents using deep learning and rules, and much more.

Distribute knowledge, share expertise
Distribute knowledge, elevate expertise

Leverage company knowledge with an array of social features that allow you to find and share information on the fly. Out-of-the-box features gives you the ability to:

  • Find content created by topic experts
  • Create document collections
  • Classify documents using labels and rate their quality
Activate with confidence.

Connect to all your content sources quickly and securely. With our SaaS application, you'll be up and running in no time.

Smart Connectors - Connect the disconnected
Smart Connectors.

Connect the disconnected

The most extensive cloud connector library unifies content from any source and creates a single entry point for employees to search. Whether they need to search in Google Drive, Slack, Box, Salesforce, or anywhere else, Sinequa's pre-built connectors require no code on your end - just simple parameters to get up and running quickly. And with support for over 300 formats from any source, you have access to the widest breadth of content connectors at your fingertips.

Protection by design.

Security you can trust.

The world’s most secure organizations trust Sinequa to respect all security protocols and content access rights without compromise. Keep classified documents out of the wrong hands, and provide only authorized users with access to secure content.

Trusted by Leading Organizations.

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