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Turnkey solutions to power your workforce and put your content to work. The Sinequa Search Cloud is uniquely designed to help organizations get relevant information into the hands of their employees - securely and at scale.

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Workplace Search
Workplace Search

Are you working for your content, or is your content working for you? Built on top of the Sinequa Search Cloud, Workplace Search is a ready-to-search solution for improving information retrieval, real-time collaboration, and workplace productivity. Sinequa enables employees to:

  • Get more from their existing tools
  • Minimize wasted time duplicating work
  • Make better decisions every day

It's easy to get started, yet powerful enough to process high volumes of data and deliver the most relevant search experiences for the workforce.

Search all your content in one place

Quickly and securely connect your siloed content and make information in any format discoverable from a single search entry point.

  • Connect to any content source, including Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workplace, thanks to 200+ available connectors.
  • Search content in any format, including PDF, email, CRM data, ERP files, and 300+ additional formats.
  • Scale your search with no constraints around data volume or file sizes.
Access relevant information quickly
Access relevant information quickly

Cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning are used to deeply understand all your content, connecting employees with the information they need when they need it.

  • All content is analyzed, organized, and enriched to provide complete, contextualized results.
  • Patterns are detected in text to connect related documents and extract useful words and phrases.
  • Sinequa’s Neural Search delivers unmatched relevance, displaying the most important passages and answers from documents.
Built-in security
Built-in security

Information security and data privacy are at the heart of the Sinequa Search Cloud. With a comprehensive set of data protection mechanisms, our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure is trusted by the world's most secure organizations.

  • Sinequa maintains the highest standards for operations, data governance, and certifications.
  • Built-in data security includes client isolation and encryption at rest and in transit.
  • Access controls enforce your existing security rules, ensuring employees can only search for the information they’re authorized to view.
Actionable analytics
Actionable analytics

Sinequa provides an advanced, configurable analytics module to help you monitor users’ actions and optimize the search experience over time.

  • A configurable dashboard provides a wide breadth of metrics to analyze usage, adoption, top searches, and more.
  • Identify knowledge gaps based on searches with no results, and utilize expertise to help fill these gaps.
  • Identify features and functionality that will improve the search experience.
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Everything you need to get started quickly and start seeing value from day 1.

Fast deployment & time to value
Fast deployment & time to value

Everything you need to get started and show value quickly.

  • Turnkey. With a library of ready-to-use content connectors and features, getting started with Sinequa requires minimal IT resources to get up and running.
  • Configurable. You can customize the search experience to meet your needs - no developer skills required.
  • Scalable. As your search needs grow and evolve, Sinequa has everything you need for maximum scalability.

Sinequa can connect to any of your data sources. Check out just a few of our most popular connectors.

Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Exchange
Google Drive

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