Designing an Informed Digital Workplace powered by Enterprise Search

The ongoing shift to the digital workplace requires employees to team with technology. Skills related to learning, adaptability, and collaboration are essential. At the heart of this shift is empathy (The users come first). Instead of treating people as assets, capital, or resources, we treat them as human beings and design solutions around their specific needs. In fact, there is a direct link from employee experience to employee engagement to customer experience to customer satisfaction and ultimately to long-term loyalty from delighted customers.

According to digital literacy expert Elizabeth Marsh’s Digital Workplace Skills Framework report, 21% of employee productivity is lost through the process of locating and managing information. Managers themselves spend two hours per day searching for information.

When employees waste hours searching for data siloed across various departments, it leaves them feeling frustrated, unengaged, and unproductive. The ability to locate and retrieve information is a straightforward process when all you have to do is look in one or two places. But when it is spread out across the enterprise, it becomes a challenge to locate, let alone effectively evaluate and use.

The challenge can be met by designing for human needs and leveraging modern technology.

In this webcast we’ll cover:

  • The core principles of business design
  • How to apply these principles for an optimal employee experience
  • The role of enterprise search in the digital workplace
  • The proven benefits of enabling employees to make more informed decisions