Analyst Keynote: “Extracting Insight from the Digital Thread: AI-Related Trends & Enablers” – Peter Bilello, President & CEO, CIMData

Today, it is all about digital transformation, but it appears that many companies have forgotten that at the core of digital is data. Without the proper understanding, appreciation, and management of data, companies will fail in their digital initiatives. Ultimately, they need to ensure that the relevant data is always valid and available for use. It also means that the appropriate data, no matter where it exists within an organization’s digital thread, or better put, digital web of data generating processes and systems can be found. Not just searched for, but found, and that includes the ability to gain actionable insight from the found data. Most people are very familiar with searching for data, but the idea of “search and find” is foreign to most. In today’s digital world, processes, systems, and smart connected products generate huge amounts of data that become part of an organization’s digital web, but to become usable, search and find capabilities must be made available. Fortunately, leading solution providers are going well beyond basic data indexing approaches that require all the data to be in one system, and are incorporating and leveraging an ever expanding array of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to search and find data no matter where it resides. The emergence of search and find, along with AI enablement, will be discussed during this presentation.