Unstructured scientific textual information presents a unique challenge for search and analytics platforms. Scientific terminology is often unstandardized, making keyword searching ineffective for finding insights from internal and external scientific documents. In contrast, robust ontologies and controlled vocabularies can help with the inherent synonymy and ambiguity in scientific text and substantially improve the scientific search experience.

This webinar will demonstrate the unique value gained by pairing SciBite’s expertise in creating, managing, and disseminating biopharmaceutical ontologies with Sinequa’s advanced cognitive search capabilities. Using the rapidly evolving domain of COVID-19 symptoms and therapeutics as an example, we will demonstrate an end-to-end workflow for curating new terminology and rapidly deploying updates to Sinequa to maintain an up-to-date search platform.

In this webinar, you will learn about the following:

  • The collaborative ontology management capabilities of SciBite’s ontology management platform CENtree
  • SciBite’s scientific named entity recognition (NER)
  • The search and analytics capabilities of Sinequa’s Insight platform in providing relevant and accurate search results