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Sinequa’s Manufacturing Executive Summit

Join Sinequa’s virtual Manufacturing Executive Summit on March 7th, 2024

The manufacturing landscape continues to evolve, and organizations face constant pressure to adapt and grow in such a competitive space. We are entering a paradigm shift when Industrial data needs to be connected to collaborative data. The acceleration of AI innovations, particularly generative AI, is opening up new horizons to improve the performance and productivity of engineering teams as well as maintenance and support teams. The potential outcomes are transformative, faster product development cycle, quality improvement, and better customer support, leading to better customer satisfaction. 

That is why Sinequa is holding a virtual Manufacturing executive summit: we want to bring together like-minded leaders in the industry to share their experiences advancing business outcomes with Sinequa’s cutting-edge technology.


Agenda At A Glance:
  • Analyst Keynote: “Extracting Insight from the Digital Thread: AI-Related Trends & Enablers” – Peter Bilello, President & CEO, CIMData
  • The Cognitive Digital Thread: “Where Industrial Data and AI Meet!” –  Jeff Evernham, VP of Strategy and Solutions, Sinequa 
  • Product Demonstration: “Searching Across the Digital Thread Combining Search/RAG + GenAI” – Sommy Boucansaud, VP of Customer Solutions, Sinequa
  • Customer Testimonial: “JAFAR (Jenerative AI for Return of Experience) – a new search application helping employees easily and quickly find relevant information in knowledge availability ROE databases.” – TotalEnergies
  • Sinequa & Microsoft Partnership in Manufacturing – Guy Bursell, Business Strategy Leader, Manufacturing Industry, Microsoft
  • Advancing AI Assistants: “Sinequa’s Product Roadmap” – Jeff Evernham, VP of Strategy and Solutions, Sinequa
  • Wrap-Up – Sinequa 

Meet the Speakers

Peter Bilello
President & CEO
Marie Bonnasse-Gahot
Product Owner for MILAa/JAFAR
Pierre Jallais
Smart Search Engine and Gen AI Lead Architect
Guy Bursell
Business Strategy Leader, Manufacturing Industry
Jeff Evernham
VP of Strategy and Solutions
Sommy Boucansaud
VP of Customer Solutions

Register Now

07 March 2024

9 -11:30 AM EST / 3 - 5:30 PM CET