Introducing the Search Cloud: Sinequa's Cloud Native Platform.

Sinequa announces its first SaaS application, Workplace Search, alongside Industry First Neural Search Capabilities to Push the Boundaries of Workplace Efficiency.

New York, USA - Paris, France - March 23 2022 - Today, Sinequa unveils the Search Cloud, its next generation intelligent search platform.

In today’s advanced but often disconnected workplace, organizations need to make relevant information discoverable – and they need it fast. The Search Cloud enables companies to deliver modern search applications to their workforce without friction. Whether doing so on-premise or in the cloud, Sinequa offers flexibility alongside the most advanced relevance capabilities on the market.

Put Your Content to Work with Workplace Search

Following last year’s partnership with Microsoft and the release of Sinequa’s Search Cloud Platform optimized for Azure, companies can now take advantage of Sinequa’s first SaaS application, Workplace Search. Designed for Global 2000 and midsize companies that want the best search experiences but don’t need a platform for building multiple custom Insight Apps, the SaaS model of Workplace Search makes it easy to adopt and maintain.

Cloud native technologies are the best way for organizations to accelerate their digital transformations, foster innovation, and bring greater efficiency to their organizations. We’re seeing this firsthand at Sinequa,” said Alexandre Bilger, Chief Executive Officer at Sinequa. “Our roadmap for 2022 brings major innovations such as industry-leading Neural Search to the Search Cloud Platform as we leverage the elasticity and power of the Cloud.

Workplace Search eliminates the endless hours employees spend searching across many systems to find what they need and puts enterprise content to work. Employees benefit from fast retrieval of relevant insights through a single search entry point - all while staying in the flow of work. This is pivotal in helping them achieve more, duplicate less, and take full advantage of their company’s knowledge right when they need it.

Advancing Search Relevance with Neural Search

Capitalizing on the scalability of the Search Cloud, Sinequa raises the bar for relevant results with industry-leading Neural Search. As the need to make sense of growing masses of enterprise content intensifies, Neural Search leverages AI to understand language for unmatched relevance and simplify question-answering. With next-generation NLU based on four deep learning models, Neural Search brings a step-change improvement to search relevance.

Employees' ability to find information will define how well companies are able to effectively serve their customers, drive innovation, and remove information friction that hinders productivity. The Search Cloud is the solution for delivering world-class search experiences to the entire workforce.

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Sinequa’s Search Cloud brings organizations of all sizes the most complete enterprise search ever. Customers employ Search Cloud to connect all content (both text and data), derive meaning, learn from user interactions, and present information in context. This solves content chaos and informs employees through a single, secure interface. They get the knowledge, expertise, and insights needed to make informed decisions and do more, faster. Sinequa helps these organizations accelerate innovation, reduce rework, foster collaboration, ensure compliance, and increase productivity. For more information visit

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