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These days large organizations know they must amplify their focus on digital transformation to survive and thrive. As a result, the cloud has become a massive factor of acceleration, while the information gap remains. That’s why Sinequa proposes an Azure Enterprise Search, optimized for Microsoft cloud environments.

Microsoft Azure has largely been adopted by Customers and Partners, seeking for more and more flexible deployments and low TCO. Sinequa Azure Enterprise Search ensures that employees always have the information they need to perform at their best, regardless of their role.

Designed to leverage the strengths of Microsoft Azure, while relying on Sinequa Enterprise Search advanced capabilities, our search platform is configured to streamline everything from deployment to backup. The architecture and code are tuned to Azure specifications, to ensure an optimal experience for administrators and end-users.

The technological partnership between Sinequa Enterprise Search and Microsoft has led to an augmented digital workplace, by integrating with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Microsoft Sharepoint. With a focus on the efficient use of resources, Azure Enterprise Search has a small carbon footprint, aligning with Microsoft’s dedication to Green IT.

With our Azure Enterprise Search offering, we bring all the benefits of Sinequa Intelligent Search platform – and then some – to the cloud.

Webinar - Intelligent Search to Power Intelligent Capture and Drive Digital Transformation

As organizations deploy increasingly comprehensive information capture strategies and drive ever closer to the point of information creation, intelligent search is emerging as a leading technological choice. With a wide spectrum of connectors to choose from, intelligent search platforms can monitor all of the various points at which information first comes into an organization. With its AI capabilities, an intelligent search solution can identify redundancies, duplicates, and security vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Azure Enterprise Search is optimized to accelerate digital transformation

Azure Enterprise Search is optimized to accelerate digital transformation

Streamlined Azure Enterprise Search operations for accelerated deployments.

Azure enterprise search engine comes with the toolbox your operational team needs to streamline Sinequa’s deployments and upgrades in your Microsoft Azure tenants.

  • Templates: to deploy Azure enterprise search on various architectures in a matter of clicks,
  • Re-Imaging: Scripts to build Sinequa images with your organization’s own OS, monitoring or security constraints
  • Sample scripts: Powershell, Terraform, Pulumi, Biceps, etc… to automate the management of our Azure enterprise search’s lifecycle : deployment of new versions, backup and restore, etc

Azure enterprise search is easy to operate with minimal workload in the experimental, build and run phases. The amount of time required to deploy a first application on your Azure enterprise search and subsequent additional apps is minimal.

Already trusted by the leading worldwide organizations

Franklin Templeton

Accelerated digital workplaces

Azure enterprise search leverages Microsoft Azure capabilities to quickly enhance your digital workplaces.

Dynamic indexing

Dynamic indexing

to ingest and process large volumes of documents, quickly and at minimal infrastructure costs. This reduces to just hours what previously would take days or weeks with a static architecture.

Secure your workplace

Secure your workplace

with the integration of Azure keyvault to store secrets and certificates.

Better collaboration

Better collaboration

Inform your existing collaboration solutions as Azure enterprise search is integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Resource-Optimized to maximize your Return On Investment

Resource-Optimized to maximize your Return On Investment

Your Azure enterprise search, is optimized for Microsoft cloud environment and leverages the capabilities of the cloud leader:

Using resources efficiently means a fast, cost-effective solution. Sinequa’s Azure enterprise search brings a new templated but flexible architecture designed to optimize use of the various services and resources provided by Azure cloud services. No more waste in architecture spending.

Interested to learn more about our Azure enterprise search ?

Visit the Azure Marketplace
Visit the Azure Marketplace
Your journey, your path.

Your journey, your path

Secure, unified access to information and insights from across the digital workplaces. Leverage Sinequa’s Enterprise Search Engine for employees to make better decisions. Boost productivity. Speed up innovation. Optimize responsiveness. Reduce risk. Boost knowledge sharing.

Your business units are unique. So are their requirements. At Sinequa, we know that it’s not “one size fits all”. That is why Sinequa has developed open-source Search Based Applications to meet your specific business requirements.

Sinequa Azure enterprise search provides the fastest, simplest path to implementing the intelligent, information-driven applications that are critically important for your employees to succeed in the digital workplace.

What our partner say

"Companies like Sinequa add value by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure. The optimized integration of Sinequa Search Cloud Platform, optimized for Azure allows customers to focus more on the business and less on managing servers or a variety of enterprise data silos. With Sinequa on Azure, customers will have a complete platform that tackles the growing challenge of getting the right information to the right people at the right time regardless of source, format or language."

Casey McGee, Vice President of ISV Sales

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