Airbus Helicopters @Inform Paris '21.

Technical Support and IT collaborate to improve customer satisfaction, autonomy and product safety

Watch now and discover how Airbus Helicopters has digitized its customer support, making the most of technical know-how that is too often untapped as unstructured data.

From intuition to ideation, up to the design phase, Frederic Antoine (Technical Support Manager) and Bastien Pesce (Sr. Project Manager), present their joint "business and IT" approach, to reduce response and solution times, optimize their support operations thanks to automation and machine learning, and guarantee, in the long run, an optimal safety of Airbus Helicopters.


Bastien Pesce

IM Senior Project Manager at Airbus Helicopters

Frédéric Antoine

Technical Support Network Manager at Airbus Helicopter

Airbus Helicopters @Inform Paris '21

Watch the recording now.

"Airbus Helicopters @Inform Paris '21"

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